"I first engaged with Fiona in 2019, after I had received formal criminal charges from the Police. My case went to trial by Jury, where I was found guilty and given a sentence of imprisonment. Fiona appealed my conviction and sentence through the Court of Appeal and nine months later I was released. Both my sentence and conviction were quashed by the Court of Appeal thanks to Fiona. Throughout the three years going through these matters Fiona was outstanding, she always conducted herself professionally, with the utmost empathy and understanding. Fiona believed in my innocence and worked endlessly to prove this. Fiona was committed and dedicated to my case and kept myself, as well as my family, fully informed and supported throughout the whole three year ordeal. My family and I will forever be grateful and thankful to Fiona for her flawless hard work and dedication."

Fiona represented this young man from 2019-2021

"We were lucky enough to engage Fiona Guy Kidd when my partner was wrongfully arrested by police. Fiona proved to be more than eminently capable. She was measured, calm and thoughtful, a superb listener and most importantly, tremendously thorough. She not only managed to get the case dropped but had laid the case out in such a way, that she also was successful in our further case, claiming costs from the Ministry of Justice. We are deeply grateful and can't recommend her highly enough."

Fiona represented this client in 2021

"We contacted Fiona after our son was sentenced, to look into an appeal for us. Fiona (and her team) worked endlessly throughout the whole progress, covering every aspect. They went over and beyond our expectations. We won the Court of Appeal case and got a reduced sentence. Fiona is caring, fair and efficient, with an excellent knowledge on all areas and works hard to get results. She is very professional and really listens to you, and her communication with us was excellent. We would highly recommend her."

Fiona acted for this young man on appeal.

"I used Fiona as counsel with a problem I had with police doing things the police should not have been doing. Fiona proved to be a good listener gathering information efficiently from all involved. A friend of mine, a former Solicitor General, called Fiona very competent. The judge in my case said Fiona's cross examination was exemplary. Use Fiona for a more desirable outcome."

Fiona successfully applied to challenge the admissibility of evidence arising from an illegal search of this man's home.

"After being convicted of supply of a Class B drug and sentenced to home detention for 10 months when represented by another lawyer "things looked rather bleak and this was made further apparent nine months into my sentence as a co-offender was discharged without conviction.

However due to the disparity in our sentences an opportunity arose for an appeal, and that's when I met Fiona Guy Kidd. I knew immediately that I was in good hands, as she was not only meticulous in her preparation of my appeal, but she was also empathetic of the mental and physical strain this ordeal had put me and my family through. She was very efficient with the time we had and was transparent when explaining the process we had to go through, but what I cannot stress enough is how she gave me back a sense of dignity as she treats her clients like human beings and not simply case numbers.

Her rigorous attention to detail was reflected in the outcome of my appeal as my conviction and sentence were both quashed. So if you're after an experienced lawyer that will handle your case flawlessly look no further than Fiona Guy Kidd."

Fiona acted for this young man on an appeal to the Court of Appeal. He received a discharge without conviction on appeal.

"We approached Fiona over a situation which had started as a minor matrimonial situation and had escalated into a very serious charge which could have had a huge penalty attached to it.

Fiona listened carefully to us then decided that she believed the case was unfair and that she would represent us. I can only say that from then on we knew we were in safe hands. She was focused, careful, super-efficient - and had a lot of backbone.

She did research which helped our case enormously. We had had a tortured year trying to fight it against what seemed to be a wall of indifference from other lawyers, but Fiona took it very seriously. She achieved a fantastic outcome for us. All I can say is that she is the best - we couldn't have asked for anyone more professional - and at the same time anyone more decent and compassionate to deal with."

These were charges of blackmail in the High Court which were permanently stayed, ending the prosecution.

"Thanks for helping our family in such a professional and caring manner and we also appreciate and acknowledge all the hard work and effort you put in."

Fiona acted for this man on serious violence charges (one of which was dismissed following a strike out application) and on a successful appeal.

"I have today received confirmation of my release following yesterday's Parole Board hearing.

Thank you for travelling from Invercargill at such an early hour to tender professional help and personal support. It is significant and appropriate that the convening judge writes glowing tribute to your outstanding contribution to my cause, particularly for the quality and extent of your input. I don't imagine that such comments are made often or lightly.

I bless the Corrections Officers for their assurances that if anyone could obtain my release it was Ms Fiona Guy Kidd. Our journey has been long and complicated, your input invaluable. Often I hear from disgruntled inmates of uncaring lawyers who fail to contact them or even ignore their requests to call. I tell them that they should look for another lawyer who answers every call promptly and keeps my hopes sky-high.

I would be happy to share my immense satisfaction with anyone who stands in need of representation at parole hearings or in the courtroom."

From a man convicted of sexual offending whom Fiona represented in parole hearings before the New Zealand Parole Board.

"We were referred to Fiona Guy Kidd by one of New Zealand's leading law firms. Her communication skills are exceptional - simplifying the legal process every step of the way. Fiona's professionalism was exemplary; her compassion was heartfelt and her dedication to the detail and follow-up was legendary! There is no doubt that Fiona was critical to the success of our case - and we would thoroughly recommend others engage her services."

This young man was granted a discharge without conviction following an appeal to the High Court

"I am a 46 year old male who recently appeared before the court on two serious charges, one being potentially 7 years and the other 14 years imprisonment.

I've never been before the courts before and through one bad decision I found my whole world turned upside down. I'm a father of 3 teenage sons and have been together with my wife for 27 years.

I went with my gut feeling and found Fiona Guy Kidd and as they say "the rest is history".

Her total professionalism, responsiveness and integrity was absolutely amazing. She would listen and understand you then offer her advice. Her attention to detail both written and orally was excellent. Her respect amongst her peers was evident in court being the judge commented on how well her written statements to the court were presented.

The end result for me was 6 months Community Detention and Community work. This result is unheard of with the serious charges I was facing. My application for Name Suppression was initially turned down by the judge and Fiona advised me she would appeal this..................she then won my appeal for Full Name Suppression in the High Court.

I would highly recommend Fiona as THE BEST lawyer/solicitor and person my family has ever had the pleasure to meet and deal with.

We wish her all the success she deserves."

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all your hard work over the last 4 months. I appreciate everything you have done for me and I am truly grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

From a client charged with Class A drugs charges. The charges were dropped by Police and the client discharged.

"I was arrested in later 2012 on numerous methamphetamine charges. The charges were laid in the Invercargill Court and as I lived in Auckland this made for testing times. Legal Aid allocated Fiona Guy Kidd to represent me. I found Fiona made my distance issue irrelevant as she kept me up to date by emails, phone calls and letters so regularly I felt I lived in the same city. Her knowledge of the legal system was heartening as mine was zero, Fiona worked tirelessly on my case with section 347 applications to dismiss charges and removal of evidence applications all going in my favour, without me having to appear in person.

This all seemed minor when Fiona travelled the length of the country three times to work in person and appear in person in Court, a point the judge noted with aplomb.

After Fiona's tireless work with the Crown the Judge sentenced me to 3 years 6 months in jail and this I put down to excellent legal advice and representation from Fiona Guy Kidd.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Fiona on any criminal matters in the future (if needed). Her professionalism was second to none and made a harrowing experience a very easy one."

Fiona acted for this man who faced numerous charges of selling methamphetamine and cannabis arising out of a Police operation with intercepted communications. Four charges were dismissed following a strike out application

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